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  • 1 year ago

Hi folks, I have a procedure planned for a neck uplift, (Turkey neck) at LSL in Little Falls NJ, Has anyone on this forum been through a procedure there using Dr H. Hamawy, He has a private practice outside LSL in NY, Conn has a great reputation as Plastic Surgeon, and a facial reconstructive surgeon. Dr Hamawy is Double Board Certified, impressive credentIials. I've been reading through this forum and some experiences you folks had are frightening, maybe it was your Drs. any feedback welcomed. Frank

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Your Dr. sounds very qualified. The neck part, to my knowledge, usually goes VERY well and makes a major difference.My doctor was great and, in my opinion, made a ton of difference. The nurses I had were wonderful. I am on day 6 and will soon have my stitches from lower LSL removed. (For me, very little pain at any time, EXCEPT --with my full face laser-when he got to the last part-forehead-OW!!The pain on my forehead was unbelievable. I still think all the numbing injections must have wore off too soon. That short while for me, was excruciating--everything else--perfect, and, I have already been out to meetings, etc.I will be wearing the chin/neck wrsp for 3 more wks. maybe just to bed.)I am very pleased with the results thus far. The neck did not hurt when he stopped the laser.)
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Thanks so much for your post! Have you had the procedure done, and if so how'd it go?

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I had the procedure done 26th of Dec, 2012, day after Christmas.. The procedure went well , I bruised a lot from the procedure, but after 3 monthes of healing my face is smooth , no turkey neck, GONE, no visible scars at all.. very good to excellent job.. highly recommend both surgeons at the Little falls facility Dr Hamawy was my surgeon.. perfect !!

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