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Does anyone else have an upcoming Fleur-de-Lys (Anchor) tummy tuck?

  • BuhByeBelly
  • Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 3 years ago

Hi there... finally decided (after months of snooping around anonymously) to join in the fun.  I haven't seen much about fleur-de-lys tummy tucks which my PS suggested.  I'm scheduled for mid October, but am fretting as my weight has seemed immovable... wanting to drop 20-25 lbs before surgery day.  Hmmm... self sabotage anyone?

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Yes I could have had that but did not want that scar!
Just read your blog and saw your pics. What a fabulous result - perfect hourglass shape. Here's hoping my result is as great!
thanks so much, I don't feel that way!
BuhByeBelly, you can google the procedure to see pictures. I can only imagine that most women would not prefer that cut, uless necessary, because of the large vertical scar on the abdomen. Good luck with the weight loss! I lost my 50 pregnancy pounds before consulting with a plastic surgeon, and it took a lot of patience. You've got three months- I'm sure you'll at least be closer to your goal in Oct than you are now. :)
just had my flue de lys tummy tick i am 3 weeks post op and doing ok , no pain killers after 3 days as i hated not being awake during the day as they made me sleepy but hey the pain isn't that bad , 2 days after op was the worst but honestly it isn't that bad . tummy not swollen now as swelling has started to reduce , still wearing my compression garment as it helps to heal and helps stop floid build up ... jude x