Upcoming Eyelid Surgery Dates For RealSelf Members

  • 1 year ago

One of the hardest things about going through a medi-beauty procedure is feeling alone. Sure, you might have a supportive friend, relative, or significant other, but that’s not the same as sharing the journey with someone experiencing a similar mixture of excitement and nervousness.

Whether you want to find a surgery buddy or would like to support others heading toward their big day, check out RealSelf’s calendar of upcoming surgeries.

To get on the calendar yourself, start your Eyelid Surgery story here and make sure you choose “Haven’t Done It Yet” to open the calendar feature. Once your review has been submitted and approved, you’ll be added!

If your surgery date changes, be sure to send a personal message to customer support so we can update you on the calendar.

Thank you for being part of RealSelf and we hope you enjoy this feature!


Comments (4)

This is a neat feature, though my review isn't even published yet... I'm just going on consults this week, but hope to do my surgery in October-ish..
Endoscopic brow lift and upper/lower eye work. Getting scared about brow lift, but I do feel it's needed!
I didn't see the part where I click "not scheduled yet"?
Hey Leval59, I just checked your review and you did it right.  You will show up in the surgery calendar as soon as your review is published :)