Unwelcome changes after rhinoplasty?

  • Matilda24
  • Yorkshire, N.England
  • 1 year ago

Recently my excitement and obsession with rhino (and noses in general) has started to become tinged with a little bit of fear, the more i read on Real Self. As with every website, there are a few 'trolls' who intentionally instil doubt and worry in people for their own twisted amusement, and even a few who have genuinely had unfortunate experiences that, perhaps unintentionally, go about warning people of the potential dangers of a botched surgery in the most unethical way. But i'm starting to wonder if some of these people may actually be making a valid point. Most of us know by now that it's essential to find a rhinoplasty specialist with years of experience, etc, but i've recently been reading MANY comments from people who have had their surgery years ago -successfully, sometimes- and are beginning to notice long term complications and repercussions to the rest of their faces. This is what i'm scared about.

I would like to add here that i absolutely do not judge anyone for having surgery, however many procedures they choose to have. The great thing about a place like Real Self is that we all have something in common: we all know what it's like to feel self-concious and particularly about one certain part of ourselves, be it our nose, breasts, chin etc. Anyone who is a part of the community here and judges someone else for whatever procedure another feels necessary, needs a bit of a reality check and may also be interested in looking up 'childish hypocrisy'.  But i for one do not plan on having any more surgeries after my long-awaited (and still waiting!) rhino. I can live with my flattish chest, my barely-there lips and eyelids that are soon to become hooded. But people saying they've noticed changes in the rest of their faces due to rhinoplasty has got me worried. Does this depend on the surgeon? Is this people just nit-picking and looking for someone to blame for their perfectly natural ageing? Or does the perfect nose really come with a price? A few years down the line, will i have saggy skin around my nose? Will my eye bags worsen and will my face look unnaturally disproportioned as i age, all because i wanted a prettier nose?

The people that post these horror stories, do so on other people's reviews. As well as being highly rude and disrespectful, it also makes it slightly difficult to believe as they haven't actually written a detailed review and shared pictures to back up their words. I am just curious to know everyone else's thoughts on this subject, do you believe there's any truth to what they're saying? Has anyone had this happen to them and would you care to share pictures? I just would like to know exactly what i am getting myself into with rhinoplasty, i don't want to feel like i've fixed one problem only to have to deal with a whole load of others that come along afterwards.