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Unhappy with rhinoplasty 12 months post-op. Are my concerns valid?

  • meconce
  • california
  • 4 years ago

Hi. I'm about a year post op. I'm not sure how I feel about my result at this point. I just need some opinions as to whether my concern is valid or if I'm expecting too much. Everything seemed to be healing ok, but as the swelling has gone down, my bridge no longer looks like a straight line.

if you take a look, it seems to have these dents on both sides, and these strange lines extending outward. Now I did have a large dorsal hump removed. the procedure was done closed, and my nose was not broken, if that matters. I was told it was shaved off, and he didn't need to break it. well it looks to me as if the top part of my bridge is wider than the bottom.

My tip also looks lumpy to me, and not at all well defined and etched as I was told it would be. My tip does feel a little stiff still, so I do not know if I am still healing, but after all it's been 12 months, how much better can it get?

Obviously this is very disheartening for me. all i wanted was a straight nose that was as small as could realistically be achieved. I voiced all of these concerns to my doctor via email, and was just told that he thinks it's looks good, but for me to come in so he can feel it.

So I'm turning to everyone here for an honest opinion. are my concerns valid? would you be upset as well? Is the doctor only saying it looks good because no one wants to say their work isn't good? I don't know. I do really like the doctor, and have trusted him on everything. It's just after saying all this to him, and him saying it looks good. I mean, that was his whole reply. I think it looks good. not even addressing any concerns. Unless he only wants me to come in so there isn't a record of the conversation via email. who knows. I do want to believe him, It's just after all this stuff that we go through, all the research, all the hassle, cost, pain, it's just hard to look in the mirror and still not like what you see... Please let me know.

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