Unhappy with implant replacement

  • fern123
  • 2 years ago

After having implant replacement I am unhappy with the results as the contour of my breast is not smooth and from the side view there is a definate hump/step off sticking out where the implant starts. I have silicone moderate over the muscle.   My surgeon has said if i can live with them i should to prevent further surgery but if not we can do fat transfer to pad out the top of the breast and hide the implant or replace with a smaller implant or under the muscle.  The surgeon original op 5 years ago didnt go under the muscle because he said it looked awful.  I dont know why but it could be because i had mild tuberous breast deformity.  I have been told that going from over to under can leave sagging skin.  Has anybody had expereince of going from over to under the muscle and are you happy with the results.  Also has anybody had fat transfer?