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Unhappy With my Brow: What Can I Do To Fix It?

  • Emily on LI, NY
  • 2 years ago

I know I'm fairly young, so this is not the product of age. The inner parts of my brow are just too close to my eyes. What procedures can be done to correct this? And at what costs?   Thank you very much for your time and input!

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Which one of you is unhappy with your brow?? Are you talking about from the corner of your eye brow to the margin of your eye lid, or is it the distance from one inner part of the brow to the other side? There is no reason for you to have any surgery in my opinion. If both inner corner of your brows is too close together then you can just tweeze them so they can be far a part, or laser is another option. Again arch your brows upward position so this way you have more depth. I also see people would shaved or laser their eye brows so they can get permanent make up. Good luck