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Uneven swelling after cast removal?

  • Jennace
  • Canada
  • 4 years ago

I just got my cast off yesterday and (day 7) and I noticed that one nostril is bigger than the other and there is a dent on the other side. I think it is because the cast loosened on one side allowing it to swell and the other side pushed the swelling further into the tip. How long would it take for the swelling to even out if that was the issue?

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I just had rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago, but a week ago when my friend took a picture I noticed a bump on my left side, it looked like my old nose was back. People say its just swelling but it feels hard like a bone, and you can only really see the bump when I am 3/4 turned to the left and I've noticed the my side profiles differ. Im really scared and not sure what to do since It's still kinda early, I massage it but I feel that it may not be enough.
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I'm so sorry you are going through this! I know how difficult it can be! Honestly I wish I could tell you things have settled with mine but unfortunately I've had to have implants put in on two different occasions and it is still not where it should be :(
All you can do is talk with your surgeon and voice your concerns. If you feel your surgeon is not giving you the time or dedication he should than speak with a specialist. It is better to pay again (even if u spent your life savings as I did) and get it corrected by a professional than have someone botch it again.
Good luck!
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Hi Jennace/lelahjo:
It has been over 9 months since your surgery. Any imrovement? I had rhino/septo 7 weeks ago.

The initial surgery was to remove the hump on my nose and correct the deviated septum.

Right now, the right side of my tip looks much bigger and the bridge on that same side appears to have been narrowed. So my new nose looks deformed to me.

My friends tell me it looks fine but when i look at pics of myself, I am horrified.

Please tell me your nose looks great and all it took was a little patience. I don't want to get a revision rhino!

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Hi Jennace...i was is your nose now?? I just had open primary rhinoplasty on April 19 and my nose looks a lot like problem is my dr overnarrowed the bones by my eyes ...and was not supposed to...but he also was not supposed to change my rounded nostrils and i dont think he still pretty swollen but i am very worried that my nose is going to remain skinny on top and still have my rounded makes me look mean and doesnt look looks like your nostrils look pretty rounded too from the outside by the cheeks...did that area go down from swelling at all??? im hoping it does for me cuz it just looks very unbalanced....why would my dr give me a skinny top and leave rounded nostrils????GRRR
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also nostrils are very uneven now (the nostril holes themselves from the basil view) which makes no sense cuz my nostrils were almost exactly the same size b4 surgery!! this is nuts! im so devastated!
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Thanks for responding. It has now been almost 6 weeks since surgery and my nose looks exactly the same. My surgeon said that "all noses are asymmetrical" in response to my concern. I am not feeling very optimistic at this point :( Does anyone know whether or not a nose can get inflated or does it only get smaller from here?
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Hi Jennace, Most doctors say swelling after rhinoplasty can last upto a year, so you will likely need to wait several months before you will definitively see things start to even out (IF they even out). If they don't even out by about month 8, I would talk to your doctor to see if a revision is needed. Good luck!

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