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Uneven nostril and speader graft bumps after septorhinoplasty

  • jewelg73
  • Midwest
  • 4 years ago

I had septorhinoplasty procedure 5 weeks ago. I have read many post and see consistently to wait on swelling. I took arnica and had no bruising and very little visable swelling. I have taken pictures everday and not seeing alot of changes. My concern is that my spreader graft may be placed unevenly and my right nostril is just a thin slit. I'm wondering what will need to be done to correct this. My profile view is perfect but from the front view you can see the left is very bumpy.

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Sorry for rambling. Also wanted to mention that my doc has told me that he needs to do some extra work but didn't tell me what it was. I'm just trying to get myself educated on what is happening to me. thanks
I wanted to comment that it is the right side of the picture I'm concerned about. I also seem to have a dent above this area that I'm speaking of. My surgery was complicated because I had a double deviation and a collapse on the left side. I paid 8700.00 for my surgery because I went to the best. This is not my first plastic surgery so I no results are not guaranteed. I just think something is wrong. Also, I still feel pain twinges in the area of my concern. Where the dent is I'm very tender and where the speader is I just feel pressure and on the inside of my right nostril it feels blocked on the inside.