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Uneven lips after Juvederm

  • 8753anon
  • illinois
  • 4 years ago

had 3 vials of juvederm in frown lines and lips, this is the fifth day, alot of brusing, im 53, anyway the right side seems to have elvis snarel is how i will discribe it. but i have a pee size blood blister there, hopin thats the uneveness, any1 else hav this problem, and did it clear up, is there still time for it to even out. everything else looks great, just the uneven lip thing goin on, afraid he may hav to add more to even out, its not the pain or cost its the bruising i hate

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just want to give some tips about juvederm, if u take aspirin u will bruise more, took about 2 weeks to totally go way, also dont b alarmed at the uneveness for atleast 2 weeks, mine worked out. guess we will see how long it last. wasnt much pain afterwards either. i was just freakin about the uneven and bruises, all is well now