Uneven or Deformed Butt Cheek After BBL

  • hellokitty15
  • vancouver washington
  • 1 year ago

Did anyone experience uneven or deformation of one butt cheek after bbl? I am doing squats like crazy and thinking about doing some body sculpting or body wraps to see if my butt cheek will even out any ideas ladies please help.

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Hey there, welcome!

Have you spoken to your surgeon about this? Maybe he can give you an explanation of what has happened or suggest ways in which to improve it.

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yea i was told to wait atleast 8-9 months after surgery which i did and that was the result now im hoping to hear better news on how to fix this.
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Since you waited the 8-9 months, will you be returning to the original doctor to fix it, or are you going with someone else?

I noticed based on the question you asked of the doctors, they recommended following up with your surgeon again. Is this something you think you'll do?


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yea im following up with Dr. S but i dont want to take the trip out there to Aventura. hoping he can give me a consultation by looking at my photos and if necessary i will fly up there if not i will find a local Dr. or try some exercises. I dont know im just looking for answers or ways to fix this with out surgery or having to pay more. :-(
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Hey I'm going through the same situation, I'm almost 5 weeks and my right buttcheek is bigger! I've been told to wait 6-8 months before the final final results but I can't wait, I feel self conscious... Did you end up fixing it?
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