Uneven breast after lift and augmentation

  • BillieK
  • 2 years ago

Hello,   I am one month post op Breast lift and Augmentation.  I am 5'8 185 pounds. I have 425cc natrelle high profile implants under the muscle.  I had asymmetry before the lift and augmentation but was told this would be corrected with the lift and augmentation.  Unfortunately, I do not see any difference.  My left is still smaller than my right.  Will this correct in time or do you feel I will need a revision?

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No the same sized implant but did a lift. After the lift and augmentation My right is a D my left is a large C. I would think the lift would have made my breast even. I am not sure why the left is still smaller. ( you can really tell the difference in my bent over pic)

Hi there,

It's really hard for me to see any asymmetry in the photos. Maybe a tiny bit...It's possible you're still swollen more in one side than the other. Did the surgeon use different sized implants to correct the original asymmetry?