Uneven after breast augmentation

  • sk84
  • yonkers,ny
  • 4 years ago

I had a ba done on september 8th, 2009. one of my breast were bigger then the other just a bit and the suregon decided to put two different size breast implants and now there is a huge difference between breast size, as well as shape.

he put 450cc hp on the right (which was a tad smaller) and 400cc hp on the left. both mentor smooth round. I am thinking of doing a revision but knowing my doctor he will assure me that everything is fine.

I was thinking maybe it would be best if he put 450cc on the right and 425cc on the left, what do you think????? I will put up pictures asap

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Will my breasts be symmetrical again? 4 days ago I replaced 18 year old 375 cc saline implants after the right implant had ruptured. After replacement surgery my breasts are uneven.

My surgeon replaced the saline implants with 375 cc silicone high profile implants and left both capsules intact. According to my doctor, the right breast pocket was smaller due to the deflated implant. In order to make the implant fit, cutting of scar tissue was necessary to widen the pocket--the consequence of which is additional swelling. The left breast is soft, the right is still firm and sore? Any thoughts?


I had a breast lift w/ augmentation 4 weeks ago and I feel that one side looks and feels larger than the other, but not swollen