Improving undereye wrinkles

  • linda888
  • ohio
  • 4 years ago

Hello, I'm 39 and I am very bothered by the area under my eyes. The skin there is lax, wrinkled, crepey, and tired looking. I've been using retin A and it's helped a bit.

What other options are there in terms of surgery, laser, peels, fillers, etc? The attached picture makes it look a little worse than it really is, but not by much! Thanks.

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try natureleyes. I tried almost eveyrhting but my skin is pretty sensitive so some even burned a little and in the end i found natureleyes. cant remember what site it was on but im sure a search engine will help you. i got it online, i remember that much but its natural so no more burning and it lifts instantly. works for me, hope this helped. good luck and works on smile lines as well and other fine lines and wrinkles
Dear Linda,

I really feel for you! For some reason, one can be in great health, have the best diet in the world, exercise regularly, sleep well and have a well toned body the best attitude...and yet (sigh!) still look out of it with tiny wrinkles around his or her eyes!!! I know this, because I'm 34 (actually, tomorrow I'll be 34) and THIS* is what I look like when I smile in an outdoor overcast! Hmm, I don't seem able to attach any pictures here, but I'll give you a general idea: imangine two ring areas of wrinkled toilet paper around my deep set eyes. Anyway, I am just as interested as you about finding a solution to this. So I will do research and send you whatever I can to help. In the mean time, you can always try this:

Have a great day and take care! :)