• annie884
  • Coachella, CA
  • 2 years ago

I'm so glad I found this website.

I am 32 yrs old, 5'3" was 130 (I lost 35 lbs. last year).

I have 4 kids(12,10,6,3) I want to have a MM, but I'm really scare of dying in the process, and the TT recovery. I might just have Lipo and BL (although the cost wont really change)

People around me do not understand how I feel, they said I look good, but I do not like how I look naked after all those pregnancies and the weight loss.

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Ok ladies, I'm having an awful skin reaction! It started where I still had the hypafix from my lift. I don't know if it's from that, or from the compression garment since it has seams in the breast area. It's gotten pretty bad and is now spreading to upper abdomen. Dr. Started me on a steroid cream and advised to wear something under garment. It is really really bothersome!!! Has anyone else experienced this?
Annie884 I read the question you posted regarding having your MM in Mexico with Dr. Gaspar. I'm planning to go meet him as well as Dr. Manjarrez next month! Dont let that PS scare you away from searching for PS in Mexico-obviously there is a conflict of interest there. Just because they are in MX does not mean they are not good surgeons! I've done extensive research on Dr. Gaspar and Dr. Manjarrez and am very impressed with their educational background and with the many years of experiance (Gaspar-16 yrs, Manjarrez 18 or 19 yrs). After my consultation with them and I decide which one is for me, I plan to schedule the surgery in June and I plan to stay there for 2 weeks in a nice hotel. I will let you know how my consultation goes with him! From what I have read, he is a highly sought after PS there, who has performed 4,000+ surgeries and 60% of his patients come from CA, NV & AZ. I just wish I could find more info. online as far as pictures, etc. I will make sure to get this info when I'm there. So dont be afraid & dont buy into all the fear mongering. You're not going to a dirty clinic w/ a butcher! Just make sure you do your research, ask questions and base your decision on that! Good luck!
A lot of us here can relate. We did it for the same reasons, kids/weight loss. I was undecided right up until I walked into the surgical suite! I just sort of did it and hoped/prayed for the best! I'm so glad I did. I feel so good about myself.

Do the TT too, the recovery isn't that bad after the first week. As long as you have help and time away from work. Good luck to you!
Hi! I'm in the conslt phase myself. I share your fear of going under (even though I did fine when I had my c-section, I was completely out). Real Self is amazing. I spend hours here checking out all the stories, both good and bad, and asking a few questions to the docs when I can't find what I'm looking for. This site is helping me make my decison. Well, I'm still undecided for now (MM, TT, BA, one at a time, or all together), but Real Self is so, so awesome! Best of luck to you on your journey! :)

And I'm so glad you found us! :0)

Having babies can really thrash your body, and the mom is the one who has to see her body day in and day out.

I SO relate to the fearful feelings of going under anesthesia. The thought is so incredibly scary. It is very, very rare to have that happen. In all the time I've been working at RealSelf, everyone has made it through the Mommy Makeover process. :0) I don't know if this alleviates your fears at all, but if I were to consider another procedure, having seen so many hundreds upon hundreds of people go through plastic surgery, it would help me.

If you're up for it, please consider starting your story in our Mommy Makeover community. The support there is amazing and you can add photos and update your "blog" as often as you like.