ultrasound after lipo

  • Sharon7257
  • 3 years ago

My doctor is recommending I get ultrasound to prevent lumps after lipo, which I had 11 days ago. What any one have any information about this?

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Hey Gissella, well good luck for your next check-up. Maybe your doctor will be able to give you some good news! I can totally understand why you wouldn't want to go through another surgery, it's definitely not something to go into lightly, especially if your first experience wasn't great.

Please do keep us updated on your check-up!

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Hi Kirsty, in 2 weeks I will go to the Doctor for my 3 month check up, let's see what is going on with my belly button, Because now my belly is flat with no fat that's why the belly button its closed and flat too, hahaha I don't like it at all, but I have to wait anyway, the result of liposuction takes time... I am still using the compression garment all day long, the Doctor told Me that I may need a mini tummy tuck after 6 month of the liposuction but I don't want another surgery, it was very painful and I still have lump and I had 14 sessions of lymphatic drainage therapy in 1 month... it's expensive and I don't like the result... thank You.
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Nobody talk about their belly button after liposuction, My belly button is closed and I have a lot stretch marks, what should I do? I Had a traditional liposuction 2 months ago... it looks nice that I don't have my muffin top, lol but what's up with my belly button?
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Hi Gissella,

Have you spoken to your doctor about your bellybutton? I haven't heard anyone mentioning complications with their belly buttons, so it may not be something that is terribly common.

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Some doctors recommend ultrasound, but not every one is fan. (Some also recommend lymphatic massage, fwiw) Here's a thread with a bit more information:

Ultrasound After Liposuction

Have you seen any difference in your results since you started the ultrasound?

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