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Has anyone had ultherapy on their face and thought it was great and would recommend it?

  • Suseq
  • 10 months ago

How much did it cost?

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I had Ultherapy in the Tear Trough (lower lid) last week. I spoke to my plastic surgeon about not really seeing much in the way of results for that area and she said it would work. It took about twenty minutes and I had minimal pain. Today I am seeing a small improvement. Is it possible or is it mind over matter? I'm turning 60 in may and have been getting fillers for about eight years, nothing else. Lauren
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I looked at my eyes again today, two days since my last post. It looks liked the Ultherapy got got rid of the Crows Feet, I had very little to begin with. I did notice I have a bluish tint in that area and it hurts if I press on it.
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wish there was something here...I just had it done..this is depressing..
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I am scheduled to have it done next week based on the women I've seen at my doctor's office. The doctor herself, her husband and 4 of the women who work there have all had it done. Interestingly enough, they haven't had any of the dents, initial sagging, burns or any other negative effects. Two of the nurses who administer it do travel the U.S. to teach the technique so I am assuming they know what they are doing. I do see a visible difference in their faces. The doctor's husband said he started seeing a difference in 8 days, although most of them said you see an initial tightening but you really do have to wait to see the big improvement around 4-6 months. I hope your procedure went well.
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