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Ulthera Breaks down Scultpra

  • calibeachgirl
  • 2 years ago

I had Ultherapy done on my entire face. By far the best skin tightening device on the market. I had beautiful results. But I did notice it "blew away" / broke down the Sculptra I had done. I tried Radiesse for the first time along my cheeks. I hate the results! it looks and feel unnatural compared to Scultpra. I read that Radiesse cannot be dissolved like Juvederm etc. Since Ulthera broke down the Sculptra, do you think it would also breakdown Radiesse? I have read there are no studies on it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't breakdown fillers. I'm interested in knowing peoples experience with seeing filler breaking down via Ulthera or other laser devices?

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There is no reason that I can think of that Ulthera should break down Scultra as Ulthera works on the dermis and just a little deeper (up to 4.5mm) and Sculptra is injected or given deeper under all the muscle, almost next to the bone, so they are not close to each other.
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Hi there, I am currently speaking with a doctor in Redlands about using this device to correct the effects of PMMA injections, so the answer is, yes - it has been used to break down the effects of filler. Dr. Kornstein in CT has successfully used this device to correct the effects of silicone lip injections. It basically remodels the collagen, of luck!
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