Ugh! Can someone please tell me the difference between stage garments?

  • ivfmama
  • Mid Atlantic
  • 1 year ago

I am totally confused. I am at 14 days po today and I purchased the lovely and expensive garments from my doc. There was never a discussion about switching to another stage garment. Is there such thing as only a single stage garment? When do you get another stage garment and switch? Help a girlfriend out please please! Love ya!

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Also what is the difference between a faja, squeem, etc...are those just brand names?
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Faja is a corset that originates from South America (Columbia or Brazil I think). The brand Squeem makes fajas.
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thanks Sam. I have found out after I purchased them. Squeem does mostly waist type of cinchers which are made from rubber (not breathable and not recommended by a lot of docs early in recovery). I wear one now after 4 weeks. The faja you are right are from south america. I am wearing one of those right now. I have those posted on my thread. So confusing to wade through it all.
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