types of exercise post op?

  • tawlie
  • Sask
  • 2 years ago

so for those that healed well and got cleared for normal exercise, what did you do? i can't wait to get back into tae kwon do but think i should hold off on the sparring aspect and pushups/jumping jacks.  also i want to start zumba once cleared (looks like soooooo much fun)!  

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I'm doing some yoga. I've never done much exercise; I always used my breasts as an excuse. But now that they aren't there I'm ready to do something and yoga seems to be a great place to start. The stretching feels so good on my muscles and back that have been sore for so many years, and every pose can be modified for any level of experience. My eventual goal is to ride RAGBRAI(bike ride across Iowa) with my son this summer, but for now I'm enjoying the calming effects of stretching!
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