What type of silicone strips did you use

  • cjl
  • Texarkana, TX
  • 3 years ago

For those of you who use or used silicone strips, what type or brand did you use and where did you get them? I am thinking of ordering some, even though my doctor hasn't told me to yet. I just want to have everything I need on hand when I can start using them. Also, has anyone used them on the scars from breast aug? My scars or bumpy and raised. I know it has only been a week and a day, but I want them flat! He didn't give me any instructions on what to do with those scars. The stitches were dissolvable, not sure if that makes a difference.

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The CVS Pharmacies around my home had Dr.Blaines complete scare therapy for 5.00 a box on clearance. I bought three boxes. They have the silicone strips that I cut to fit and some other stuff to rub in between but my doctor said to not even bother with the lotionbecauses it's really the gel strips that work. So far I like the results. I started my gel strip one week post op.
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