What type of anastesia did you get with your breast reduction ? How did you feel after ? Were you worried ?

  • zing
  • Missouri
  • 2 years ago

I am wondering what types of anaesthesia are used for breast reduction. I am really worried about being knocked out for 5 hours under "General anaesthesia."  I am not 100% certin what type will be used on me, But I seem to remember that word. Course in fairness it could have been in the context of NOT using it. I found this sight AFTER my consultation appointment and now really wished I had found it sooner, I would have been more prepared. I would have taken notes  :O)  I plan on calling my Plastic surgen next week to find out for sure , but I was curious as to what other types of anaesthesia people have had for breast reduction.

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Thanks ladies. This information is very helpful. I am just so worried. I am overweight (225 lbs. and 5'4" )and I was reading some where being overweight increases the risk of problems. :O( That really has stuck in my brain. I want this reduction so bad but I find it really scary too. Either way I am getting it done but they might have to give me a little something for anxiety first...lol...
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It's definitely normal to be worried. This was my 5th time having general anesthesia, I work in the medical field, and I still had all the fears.

General is the way to go so you will be paralyzed...don't want to wiggle and mess this surgery up, right?!

As scary as it sounds...you are very closely monitored and not only does the medication wear off, they have other meds to reverse the effects when you are done. I woke up and was walking to the bathroom within an hour, and was out the door not long after that.

Just be prepared for the possibility of a slightly sore throat. If they offer you the option of a Scopalimine patch I highly recommend it. They gave me one and this was the first time I didn't throw up coming out of it! I fall into a high risk category for that (young non-smoker) , so you may not experience it.
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Hi Zing,
They use an injectible like Propofol to knock you out. Then they intubate you (put a tube in your windpipe) with a tracheal tube and hook you up to a machine that combines a gas anesthetic and oxygen. (ususally isoflorane)
I was worried about coming to with the tube in my trachea, but it was unfounded.
Everything was fine. The Dr. of anesthsia are very trained.
I used to anesthetize animals for surgery, and in people its the same exact thing.

Time seems to pass in an instant, its really strange!
You will be fine!!
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