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How can I tell if I have the tyndall effect?

  • Sophie L
  • UK
  • 4 years ago

I think I may have the tyndall effect after having restylane under each eye for tear trough treatment. I had this done two weeks ago by a registered doctor and now have 2 symetrical lines of blue under each eye where the injections were done. I am going to go back but have lost confidence in any procedure. How long will it last? - I cannot cover it with make up and I am really struggling to cope. I needed the confidence and now i feel ten times worse.

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Hi there the bruising is fading very slowly. i can still see it although friends say they can't. I would not have this procedure done again. I think the injections have highlighted the original problem. I too have had these tear troughs since childhood. Friends say there was nothing wrong to start with but other people make comments that i look tired sometimes. I am resigned to it now. I would rather look tired than them be worse or look blue, I felt like I had 2 blue scars running across both cheeks for about 2 months. I still think they are more prominent than before I had the injections and am just looking forward to it wearing off completely. I will probably look into other treatments (I have heard of the strawberry laser treatment but can't find any salons near me that do it yet. But I think i will avoid injections!! I do not know why it did not work for me - hope yours has improved and that you are pleased with the results. Spohie L
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I have been back to the doctor. He examined my tear troughs and is quite certain that it is just bruising and swelling. He said it could take another 2 -3 weeks before it looks better. To be honest it does seem to be fading albeit very slowly. But I still feel worse than I did. Has anyone else found that that it took 4-6 weeks for the blueness and swelling to go completely?
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Sophie, How is the blue under your eyes? I am having trouble with my under eyes (2 weeks post injection) following restylane to my hollows (there since a child). I notice two purple/brow symmetrical lines and some darkness along my whole under eye that even extends up to the corner of my upper eyelid. Just wondering if it is continuing to improve after a month? Thanks hope to hear from you soon!