Is two weeks enough??

  • AliEllie
  • 1 year ago

I know everyone heals at a different rate but I'm wondering if 2 weeks off of work is enough to pull off a "discreet" rhinoplasty... I'm literally the only woman amongst hundreds of men at my job (I'm in construction). I get enough stares as it is on a daily basis. I'm scared that if I show up at work looking operated on, I'm never going to hear the end of the rumors, teasing, remarks. Also, I don't plan on telling my family about the surgery. I'm looking to schedule surgery the first week of November. Can I show my face at the Thanksgiving table 3 weeks later without my nose job being the topic of conversation?? I'm not scared of surgery or recovery....but I'm terrified of being seen after surgery. I would love to hear your experience. 

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I don't think people pay that much attention to a nose. I had a big hump removed and my nose shortened. Less than a month later I saw my family and no one noticed my new nose. It has been more than 10 years since the op and I never told my family.
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I'm taking 5 weeks off. I want to be as well as I can :)
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There is not really any difference between your 3rd week and 5th week so you might not want to miss so much work!
Thanks for the heads up. Still not sure what to expect :)
Wish I could :(
Just to follow up with my original post: I returned to work on day 13 after surgery. I was feeling mostly back to myself but I had some residual bruising and a redness on my alar and columellar incision sites (and of course swelling). Make up made both the incisions and bruising look worse, but I had no choice and I had to go back to work. I did the best I could to cover the bruises and put one a brave face. When I went back to work not a single person looked at me strange. When they asked me how my vacation was, I casually threw it out there that I caught the flu and was feeling under the weather. The bruises looked like bags and the redness under my nose looked like I had been blowing it a lot. By the 14th day, my bruises were really faint and not noticeable unless I had no makeup on. On the 16th day, I saw my Mom, Dad, brother and sister-in-law for Thanksgiving. My own family did not notice! They just told me I looked skinny (I didn't lose any weight). I was sure my Mom would notice (she's told me throughout my life that I should get my nose done but I didn't tell anyone but my boyfriend). I couldn't believe they didn't pick up on it. But seeing as my own family didn't notice, I feel very confident that my friends and other co-workers won't. I'm so happy that I chose not to tell anyone that I had this done!
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For what it's worth, if you're still bruising, arnica gel helps. (Should have mentioned that before.) I hope you continue to heal well. Be careful not to injure/worry the nose (at least for eight weeks). I know that's obvious but aside from moving things around, the swelling you'll face if you have complications down that line--before the tissues have settled--is pretty awful and will take even longer to resolve than regular post-op swelling.
U will be fine :) you would scream if u saw my b&a photos! yet no one in my family noticed a thing 10 days later!
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Is it open or closed? Do you have thick skin? What is "discreet"? What are you plans? It took me six weeks (I have thick skin and the nose looked AWFUL after the cast came off, but I had a small implant put in/tip elevation) before I saw the final product (and then bumped it hard and am now waiting for scar tissue, like a fool--you need to make sure you don't whack yourself in the nose at your job). I'll be honest, I don't think three weeks is enough at all, no matter what. You need to grill your surgeon and plan ahead based on what he wants to do. You can always look into a non-surgical rhino (injections) for something temporary
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I took one week. It was almost enough but not quite. 10 days would've been ideal for me. I did not bruise much, though. Good luck and please let us know what you decide!

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I will be taking two weeks off work, I work in a day care so it is a hands on job. Yours is harder though, so maybe three weeks ? Best to talk to an expert. But don't worry what others think :)
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