Can you be turned down for breast Augmentation?

  • rb721989
  • 1 year ago

So I am 23, about 5'5 and 120 lbs., and a barely there 32 AAA. After many, many years of saying I have wanted to get a breast augmentation I finally have my first consultation set for January 8. I am really excited, but when talking to a coworker about it she was telling me about a girl that had breasts that were so small in order for her to get her augmentation she either had to gain 15lbs, or they would have to take skin from another part of her body. When people say they have no breasts they still have more than I have and I am scared that this might be the case for me. Does anyone know if this is true?

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That sounds pretty extreme. My best friend had NO breasts at all. I mean this girl was a lifelong gymnast and had a chest so flat it looked like a boy's, with absolutely none of the feminine definition. Just muscle. Her doctor used a device that inflates the breast, for lack of a better explanation. Over a few hours he inflated the breast larger and larger until it could accommodate the implants. She went from zero to D cup(400cc). Looks great and she loves them. I know that in some surgeries the doctor uses saline to open up the pocket. This is why women get the squishy tummy after BA. The saline drains down and finally you pee it all out.
I recently read on another forum about a young girl who was turned down by a surgeon. It didn't sound like he told her that was the reason exactly, but from everything she said he told her that is the conclusion I came to. But she was also asking for quite a large implant size and wanted a natural looking result. I think we all have to be realistic on what our individual bodies can handle and really listen when a doctor is recommending something other than what we want or ask for. Compromise may be in order. I also think that as a professional he turned her down because he knew she wouldn't be happy in the end, she was very determined about what she wanted and it would only be a troublesome case for him. She did find another doctor who did it for her, but I'll put money on her having complications in her near future as a result. I also have read that they can do 2 surgeries, similar to what they do when carrying out breast reconstruction for those who get implants after cancer. The first time they put a sizer in, to stretch the skin and prepare the body for the pocket. Then at a later date they put an implant in. Don't let this stop you and don't be scared, you just need to find a PS that you trust to give you what you want without compromising your health. I would look for one who everyone calls 'conservative' or specializes in 'natural' look. I think they are the docs who know how to balance what you want, with minimal risk for you and will tell you the truth. I have no doubt it can be done, good luck and let us know how your consult went!

Wow, that sounds possible, but really unlikely. Try not to worry about that unless the doctor you're consulting with tells you that's the case. You could try posting a question to doctors with a photo here on RealSelf to see what they say, though it won't be a substitute for an exam.

There are techniques for stretching the skin, etc. I can't imagine you couldn't be helped somehow by a board certified, capable surgeon.