How many of us turned out B's or C's?

  • shouldasooner
  • San Diego, CA
  • 2 years ago

I notice almost all of us wanted to end up a C, some wanted B. For me, I wanted a C but ended up a DD. I am wondering how many REALLY get down that far. Admittedly, I started out a 32H. However, I am VERY happy with them. Are they making bras smaller these days???? I just bought GORGEOUS ones, what a complete thrill when everything fits and looks great! Moral of the story...don't get hung up on a letter. PS never promised me a certain size.

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I am six weeks PO today. The insurance company also had a lot to do with how much was removed. I believe I will end up being a 36 C from a 36 H and could not be happier.

I may still have a little swelling but feel lighter, stand up straighter and have minimal back pain. So I am ecstatic with the results.

I was a little worried how I would look but tried to remember my motivation. Which was to eliminate or minimize the back pain.
I am 3 weeks post op today. I was a F/G before the surgery. I asked to be a small D but it was really up to the insurance company. Well...I am an average D and very happy. The surgeon said I could potentially end up a large C as I continue to heal over the next few months.
I'm only 3 weeks post op but so far Im fitting 38C and even 38B in some bras.
My PS says she doesn't promise size. We have talked about my desire to remain on the fuller size and she agrees. She says she focuses on making them proportional to body size. I certainly don't want to come out with my mid-section looking more pronounced because my chest go so much smaller. It's funny how everyone asks what size will you be? I want to wear a bra I can buy at a regular store and wear a button down shirt. I'm currently 36 II.
I think most of the good ones use this line about not being able to promise size.

I, like ShouldaSooner, am also a 32H and am scared they might not get me into standard sized bras :( I can deal with a DD... I live in LA, that is considered average size out here (haha!) but if I still have to trudge on over the the specialty shop to buy 150$ E or F cups I will be really, really sad.