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Would You Turn a Hernia Repair into a Full TT?

  • MynElimom
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 2 years ago

I recently discovered a hernia, and went to see a general surgeon. She felt around my stomach, & immediately talked about the excess skin around my stomach, and consulted a plastic surgeon in the office. The hernia removal is covered by my insurance; however, I'd have to pay the surgeon's fee for it + anethesia costs. His fee was originally $2K, but now went up to $3K, in addition to $1300 for extra anethesia...would you proceed with this??

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that seems about right. I had a hernia and the insurance covered 90 percent of it with a hospital stay....saved me about 2000 dollars.
Yes but first I would research other plastic surgeons. While the price is reasonable look for other doctors who would do hernia, Lipo and TT for the same price. IJS
most insurance covers hernias so maybe if you go see a different surgeon they can make it work and have the tt at the same time as hernia repair. I would do it and it will be alot cheaper.