Tummy Tuckers - Post Surgery lessons learned ($$ and time)

  • RoseJ
  • 2 years ago

I had my tummy tuck/breast reduction in June. I still have swelling in my tummy area - but they say it will flatten out in time. My jeans are still tight, so i"m hoping!  I went to my doctor a month ago and explained the swelling and that one of my breasts had actually started poking in underneath.  (take your finger and push underneath your boob and this is the look i'm getting).  Anyhow she recommended I visit a contouring body specialist.  It's been 3 times and the results are already amazing.  First - she said Mederma and all those off the shelf products are crap.  As my scarring was evident in the tummy incision and the breast area where the pushing-up is occurring  I was faithful about all that product and kept using it all the time. Second - I went to weekly lymphatic sessions $70-$80) a week to help with the swelling. I think it helped some but I would have rather spent my money on the contouring. Third - My body contouring specialist put me with the high quality strips - I want to say Biodermis, but not sure. However, it's the most expensive kind.  Within 2 weeks, there has been a huge improvement in the under skin scarring - much much smoother. Fourth - she uses a ultrasound scanner and a huge French machine that massages the crap out of my whole body.  http://www.lpgsystems.com/endermologie/index.php is the system I believe she uses.  My scarring has decreased immensely - I wish I would have started this months ago. Recommendation - I would use the high quality strips and look into a body contouring specialist in your area. Please contact me if you have questions. p.s. The scarring has to be young to do this.  I'm at 4 months, but after 6 or 7, it's not as young.