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Is a tummy tuck worth it if I'm going into debt for it?

  • Suzie1133
  • US
  • 1 year ago

I know that a tummy tuck is an expensive procedure and I'm willing to bet the majority of people on this board are suffering a little financial hardship in order to pay for it - either by saving up for it for years, waiting years to be in a better financial position, or taking out a medical loan.  I am in the latter group...  I have come up with enough money with a combination medical credit (carecredit) and other various loans.  However, the money that is going to be used for the TT/lipo could be used for debt pay off...  So, my question is, how did you decide? I'm still undecided but this is where I'm at: The debt I have (student loans, some credit cards, mortgage) hangs heavily over my head, but my huge saggy tummy hangs heavily over my heart/head/life.  I have a good job and will be able to pay off the debt in time (granted, corners will need to be cut for a few years - fortunately my daughter is young and doesn't mind second-hand toys/clothes) but if I don't get the TT now, it would be YEARS before I get a chance to have it again (in the army, crazy professional timeline). I'm extra motivated to have the surgery so that I can get my confidence back to jump into the dating pool (newly divorced) but that will be harder with the tummy... or the debt for that matter.  Sigh. Help?

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Susie there is always going to be bills, they aren't going anywhere. You work hard so do something for yourself for once. How many times have you put yourself last? It's ok to put yourself first. Trust me everyone else would put themselves first. Do it and don't have any regrets!
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Suzie1133....mmm... difficult situation. Tricky. In my humble opinion, I would say that providing you are confident that you are secure in the knowledge that your employment is steady and likely to remain so; and also that you wouldn't be cutting yourself so short of cash that it would seriously affect other areas of your life i.e paying for essentials, then the benefits of doing it now outweigh the disadvantages. I truely understand and do not underestimate for one minute the impact that having this "huge saggy tummy" has on your self esteem. It wont be a magic cure for anything but it sure will make you feel better, much better, about yourself, this no doubt will give you a fresh outlook on life and like you say motivate you to get back into that dating pool ... who knows, you may then meet a gorgeous guy with pots of money as well !! ... in short, go for it, providing you can still keep a roof over your head, food in the cupboard and your child safe and secure. What more could you want. Who cares if things are second hand for a while... good luck with whatever you decide. Take Care. Suzi
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