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Free Tummy Tuck webinar: Get your tummy tuck questions answered

  • 3 years ago

Get the real scoop on tummy tucks from Bay Area Plastic Surgeon Elizabeth Lee, MD, moderator and tummy tuck/breast reduction recipient Kimmers, and mommy makeover straight talker JenBob. Listen, learn and ask your questions about what it's really like to get a tummy tuck. Go here to register.

There are only 100 slots open and we expect a virtual full house, so reserve your spot now!

THIS DISCUSSION IS CLOSED:  The webinar can be viewed here: Tummy Tuck and Mommy Makeover Webinar

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They are still going thru the questions.
my question pane never came up. I emailed them to angie, hope that works!
The link worked and I downloaded but upon the meeting my question pane disappeared. I reloaded GoToMeeting but it still disappeared. Darn, I had a question or two.

Also, the sound was distorted at first but got better as it went on.

Well, at least I got to listen! Very interesting, and nice to hear Kimmers story.

Hi Ladies,

Go ahead and email your questions to Angie and we will post them in the Forum for answers.  Sorry for the difficulties.
Actually, that worked better than WebEx at my work! I didn't know how to recall the question pane; I finally figured it out at the end and slipped a question in.

That was pretty cool. And it was good to hear you Kimmers! Were you nervous?

No not nervous, I was drop dead tired.  I had just flown back from Vegas and had been up since 5:00 am that morning.  After an early rise and 9 hours of flights I was wiped out. 

It was fun though doing the webinar.  But I seriously felt brain dead.
You did fine, very good presentation. Your voice was a bit soft so I wondered.
My daughter is in the process of moving so she texts me every time she thinks of I have been up and down for two nights. I will be dragging tomorrow.

Did you have fun in Vegas?

We had a blast in Vegas!  So much fun and relaxing.  The weather was perfect, bright and sunny and about 70 in the day.   I needed that little mini vacation to recharge. 

Kids...where is she moving to?   My son is back home this semester...Yikes.  I just got use to the empty nest thing and he is back!!  I had a dream that he was 40 and living at home..LOL

He comes and goes at all hours of the day and night.  They are like vampires and sleep by day and run all night.  I have to say that it is nice having all of the kids back though.  I missed all of the activity.   When I wake up in the morning I never know who or how many will be sleeping in my living room.  It is like a flop house around here most weekends. 
Wait til the grandkids come along! lol

Oh Lord...He can't even pay his own cell phone bill right now!  I told him if he makes me a grandma before I am 55 I will tie that thing in a knot and leash it!  And I am not talking about the child.....LOL
Check your email. You would have been sent a link. If you do not have it let me know and I will look into this quickly.
The link will not work for me!!!! I got the email a while ago when I signed up. :(
I give up! I am just not great with the computer. I have to get my 2nd grader to bed now anyway.
I am signed up already and I'm a brand new newbie :)
Kimmers was the lipo your ps did with the tt an extra procedure or just part of the overall tt procedure?
I'm sched. for March 14 and so excited to find this site!
This was a pretty tough surgery for me, but I had little to compare to. All my prior surgeries have been laproscopic, and I was up and running within days from both my hysterectomy and kidney stents. Three vaginal births were pretty easy, too. This was a real eye-opener, but thank gawd for good drugs! Whoever invented that pain pump was a genius.

Good luck in your healing journey!
You ARE doing well! I had drains for 10 days, hated them.
How did this compare with the gastric bypass surgery?
The gastric bypass was way easier than this. The pain was not as severe & it was also laproscopic. But my pain has not been too bad. I got the pain pump & can't imagine if I hadn't gotten it.
Hello Michele! One week post are you doing? I am 6 weeks PO and really happy now.

I'll be listening in on the webinar also.

I am doing good. Got the drains removed yesterday and have been doing nothing but resting. A little stir crazy but I am doing what I am supposed to which is basically nothing so I can heal. I can already tell I will be happy with the results. I had gastric bypass 2 yrs ago & have maintained the weight loss so decided it was time to get rid of the extra skin I had in the tummy area. Very excited & happy I made this decision.
I registered! Can't wait. I am 1 week post-op and am so glad I found this website prior to my TT.

Michele (my real name)

So excited to have you join us!!
I think it's's titled "Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back" but maybe we need another one "Grandmas Who Want Their Bodies Back" ?

Anyway, I am looking forward to listening in and hearing the "real" Kimmers!

I'm glad you're coming! It'll be 5:30 Pacific Standard Time. That's 6:30 Mountain Time, 7:30 Central Time and 8:30 Eastern Time.

Yes, please register even if you'll be a little late. We'd love to have you!

Hurray!!  I am so glad you can participate!!
I'll go register if you think I can contribute anything. Or, just to listen.