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Tummy Tuck Total Recovery Time - Only 2-3 weeks???

  • 2 years ago

So many women go into this procedure  thinking that this is only a two - three week recovery period.  

For those who have been through a tummy tuck please share your thoughts and advice on this.  

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My TT was a little over a month ago and I am still recovering somewhat. I was back at my desk job after two weeks but still had drain in at that point unfortunately. Yesterday, one month after surgery I started back on eliptical machine to begin working up to getting back into exercising.
I had a great recovery though, my PS uses a pain pump so I was not in a great deal of pain. Had full TT and breast lift/augment at same time, not as bad as I thought it would be as far as post-op pain. I was ready to get moving by the end of the week after surgery but I took it easy and just went out for a short trip to the post office or walked into the drugstore that my friend drove me to at that point. In a perfect world, take off work about 3-4 real world, 2 weeks is absolutely necessary in my opinion. I still have swelling and still tire easily after 5 weeks but I am slowly getting going again.

Um no 2-3 weeks is definitely not enough time for this recovery.  You need weeks if not months to totally heal and see the final results.  

You will need plenty of patience and a positive attitude to get through this one.  You need to go into this knowing it will take longer that 2-3 weeks.   If you expect to be up and running in that short time period you will be both frustrated and upset.