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Had my tummy tuck today!!! yah~~

  • 3cshell
  • South Glens Falls, NY
  • 3 years ago

Ok, ladies i went in this morning for my tummy tuck and I'm now sitting here sending this message to you all. It's not so bad. I of course am taking pain medicine and antibiotics but today...things are not nearly as painful as expected. I do have one concern with my right drain. It is not filling as much as the other one is and it feels painful at the site. I think I will mention it when I call in the morning. So far so good. I'm so happy!

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So happy to hear your feeling well. I go in tomorrow and am ready! Surprisingly I don't feel nervous. Just excited.

Keep us posted on how your progressing....
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Oh wow, good luck tomorrow. You will do fine. Let us know when you can. Take care.
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Yaaaay thats awesome! I'm up kinda sounds like a csection..there not too bad

Happy Healing!
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i never had a c-section but seriously so far so good. Best of luck to you. Keep us posted.
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Congrats, and speedy healing :).
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Congrats to you! You might want to consider sharing your story in our Tummy Tuck review community. There you can update it and add photos and/or video. Thanks for letting us know that you did it. I hope your healing continues to go well!

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