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Tummy tuck swelling in hips

  • Annisa
  • Michigan
  • 4 years ago

I just had a tummy tuck less than 2 weeks ago and I love the results. My stomach looks beautiful, but I seem to be swelling mainly in my hips and upper this common?

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thankfully the swelling is almost all gone now..I am sure yours will be gone soon as well
I'm having the same issue. Having problems slipping pre-surgery clothes over hips 6 weeks post-op. My Dr. Does not think I'm swollen. Unfortunally, my clothes fit better pre tummy tuck. Very strange.

I have heard a few other women say the same thing. Did you also have lipo? Could it be that your hips and thighs just look larger to you now that your tummy is flat? I have heard of this happening before, but am not clear on how it has resolved in the few cases I've known of. You might want to check out Natalie's story. She had a similar issue.

no lipo..I was pretty thin to begin with, this was just to get rid of stretch marks from pregnancy. There is definitely a difference in the size because my bigger pants are tight in the hips and thighs