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Tummy Tuck - Speedy recovery?

  • Oksana14
  • 7 months ago

In no way do I believe recovering from a tummy tuck is easy and or speedy. I understand that everyone is different and recovery and results could take months for some if not most. However, today I read a review from a woman who seems to have been back to her normal self in almost 2 weeks. Her results were amazing also. Just wondering if there are any other ladies out there with stories of quick recoveries or who experienced less pain than expected.

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I had an unusually painless recovery. Not sure what to attribute that to, other than I had NO lipo. I imagine lipo is painful recovery? I had no pain after my surgery & never took pain meds. My PS even thought it unusual. I had sore abs, getting in and out of the chair, up and down, coughing, sneezing, etc. As if I had done 1000's of crunches and I was just really feeling them, very much aware, but I never sat around in pain. I was quite comfortable and just took it easy to heal. I went back to work after 15 days because my drains took so long to finish doing their THING! I was up on my feet and walking around quite a bit after only a few days. I was pretty much standing up straight when I returned to work, though I would have LIKED another 2 weeks to be honest. Pain or no pain… 2 weeks out of work is rushing and the days were long and exhausting when I went back.
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lol, as you can see from the no replies that this is NOT the norm. Most people takes weeks and weeks and weeks to recover. I wasn't even standing upright until 6 1/2 weeks PO.
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