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Welcome to the new tummy tuck revision forum

  • 3 years ago

This is brand new here at RealSelf, and created after our main Tummy Tuck Forum got really really busy. Our hope is that you'll enjoy having a separate area for discussion about tummy tuck revision or secondary tummy tucks.

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Hi I had a TT in December 2013 I am upset because when I sit down I still have a roll of fat coming out over my pants. My doctor said to come back in May and we would decide then. I am so mad I have to go through all the pain and nerves about surgery again.
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Same here. I had a TT three months before you and I'm disappointed with my results. I'm even more disappointed about having had a mini rather than the full (standard) TT that I thought I would be having. I hate my waist rolls and all the excess skin that shows through any tight fitting tops. I'm not exactly thrilled about a second surgery but want what I paid for and am willing to do whatever it takes to achieve optimal results.
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I had a full TT but two months post op there is suddenly lots loose skin in the upper half. Dr agrees it's a problem. Has anyone here dealt with this? A reverse tummy tuck seems to be one way to get some improvement but at this point, if I am going to have a scar across my chest, I am wondering if redoing the tummy tuck from below, closing the existing belly button opening and then making a new one is an option. My sense is that pulling the skin down may no longer be an option but I have to ask. Thanks.
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HI, I was wondering if you managed to sort your problem since posting last year. I have a similar problem, terrible loose skin above the button region, plus after my TT about 8 months back, I have a pouch and my mons area looks very swollen. I don't have enough skin to have my tuck redone, so looking at having a reverse tuck with breast uplift. The scars will be big though and the concern I have - will it be right this time. Guess one has to be realistic.
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I just found out today I will need a revision of sorts. I had my TT on 10-14-11, but I got MRSA and Staph. My stomach now has almost as much of an over hanging pouch as I did before the TT. I had full muscle repair and lipo as well. I will have to have my stretched out tummy skin removed, the infection cleaned out, and more lipo for fat necrosis I have. Hopefully it won't cost as much as the first surgery did! I paid $7,070.00 the first time!! I am very curious as to how much I will have to pay. I am using a different surgeon than I did the first time, the other guy I used was a quack! I am really hoping that this surgery won't be as hard to get over...with no muscle work I guess it will be. If any one has had a TT revision I would love to know what to expect!
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