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Tummy Tuck Revision will it be easier than first time?

  • cinnamonswirl
  • 1 year ago

Hello, I am having the full incision reopened and lowered so I will be pulled tighter however I do not get any muscle repair or any lipo so it hopefully should be easier however i am still worried has anyone else had this done or had a tuck without muscle repair? I would love to hear from anyone thanks x

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I have heard that the lipo and muscle repair are the more painful procedures. I bet what you are having done will be easier than TT or C section.
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Hey thanks for your reply :) I really hope so I am so worried that I will be laid up for awjile not that i was in alot of pain before but I was surprised at how long the actual recovery was so I hope its not the same this time around x
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The recovery from muscle repair is really brutal in my opinion...and my lipo sites were sore for quite awhile...but the actual incision didn't even bother me at first...probably because it was so numb! However, your family doesn't need to know that; ;) I would milk it and get the rest you need to heal really prettily! :)
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Yes the mr is very hard to deal with so I am glad I dont need that again. Good advice though on milking it Thanks ;)
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