Tummy tuck questions..... how much weight / the right time?

  • NYPD1967
  • 2 years ago

Hi, I have been on a great program loosing weight for 6 months now. I am down 75 pounds and would like to loose between another 25 and forty. (BTW male 6'0 42 y/o) My question is do I wait until I am as lean as I think I can get? Or do I go in when i get a little closer? Also if you have a tummy tuck done do they give you a reduced rate on liposuction of the flanks for example?  

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Hi NYPD1967 , I always recommend that you first reach the goal weight before being able to get pricing information. Since we cannot predict if you will loose mass, volume or projection from we cannot know at this point your weight loss and what type of tummy tuck you would need. Absolutely if you do the liposuction at the same time of the Tummy Tuck we definitely give you significant discount. Hope this helps Regards !
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the best time to get a tummy tuck is not when you have lost the most weight, because you might have lost too much weight which makes everywhere else sag! I recommend my patients to see me before they have reached thier ideal weight in order for me to assess them. I usually add liposuction of flanks and lower back to my tummy tucks with no added cost.
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First, ask a board certified surgeon. My 2 cents: maintain your best weight loss for a year. Abscapes and lipo are not weight loss procedures, they just shape what you've got. I saw a profile picture of a guy who should have lost a lot more weight but the doc did procedures anyway. Dude looked like a fat guy with a fake flat abdomen. Big waste! (no pun intended).
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Great job on the weight loss:)  Keep up the good work.

I have included this link to some Tummy Tuck Q& A's.  The doctors provide some good information about this very question.  

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