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  • mel222
  • newcastle upon tyne
  • 4 years ago

I am currently suffering from post natal depression and my stomach is like jelly it overhangs my bikini line this is making me more depressed and self concious.I am on medication and my doctor has applied for a tummy tuck on the nhs for me what are the chances of me getting this.I have done what the doctor has told me exercising swimming and walking to try and tone it up but this has not worked i have had the loose skin for 3 years now. it looks like im pregnant but im not

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Hi mel222,

I'm sorry to hear about your post-natal depression but it is a very positive first step that you've spoken to your GP and you're getting help for it. There are so many women who never seek help; you are courageous in facing it head-on.

Here is another discussion thread about getting a tummy tuck on the NHS: Does NHS cover tummy tuck surgery?

Everything that I've heard from people who have had it done says that the "quality of life" component is a major factor. The fact that you are suffering depression, while horrible, does help when your doctor presents your case to your local health trust. Also, having a GP who supports you is SO important, not only for the initial referral but for support through the ups and downs of it.

Regarding approval, each local health trust is different and the number of cosmetic surgeries they can cover is entirely dependent on their budget. Even if you are denied this year, you can wait until the next fiscal year and try again. It's not the quickest answer, but they do help women who need it, so there's every reason to be positive.

It may also be worth looking into having the surgery done privately. Many surgeons offer financing options, so the upfront cost is minimal.

Good luck with everything and please keep in touch and let us know how you're doing. :)

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