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hi i had a tummy tuck done with musle repair on May 3 2012 i have alot of questions and if someone could give me feedback

  • toycho
  • 2 years ago

if anyone could give me feedback who has had a tummy tuck it would b greatly appreciated i am a week post op im concerned becuz of swelling the day after surgery i was so excited i had a semi flat stomach but now it looks just a little smaller that what i had before being cut on. also this garment is driving me crzy and i wish i didn't have to wear it. i took it off yesterday for about 5 hours and showed up at my appt to get my last drain taken out and my dr was very angry i was not wearing it and walked out the room and said since i want to not wear it then don't be mad at the results and pretty much carry on and normally he would have told me to come back in 2 to 3 weeks then left me with the nurse to remove the drain i had it in my purse so the nurse helped me put it back on anyways i can't seem to find a comfortable sleep position while this garment is pinching the skin on my side and it use to hurt to cough or laugh but now today im coughing with no problem which leaves me worried i may have busted a stich i have ken doll syndrome really bad and im wondering when will it go away i love my belly button becuz i had a hernia as a child and before the tummy tuck i had the stitch scar where they had repaired it and now that along with my birth mark which i loved lol is gone but its worth it as long as my results leave me with a flat tummy which im hoping for. Does this sound normal to anyone and how long will this swelling last in my stomach and my pubic area before i see a flat tummy. Oh and when can i start scar therapy? and any other words and advice and feedback please thanks alot