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Really Want a Tummy Tuck but No Money for One - is It Selfish to Remortgage the House ?

  • carla35
  • uk
  • 3 years ago

Hi am am 35 years old and have 3 children the oldest is 13 this year and i have wanted a tummy tuck ever since he was born . no matter how much exercise i do it will never shift the excess skin and now my muffin top is out of control , i hate how i look my husband always says i look fine but i certainly dont feel it ,i have tried rf spa treatment but with no results what so ever . so the thing is do i bite the bullet and remortgage the house and go for surgery or do i continue as i am , i cant help think it is a lot of money to spend just on my self when we could take the kids to disney land for a holiday of a life time . i feel guilty about spending the money on myself ... i think i need to hear some objective views on this matter , if any one can help out there ,please do comment . thanks carla x ps will add photos soon.

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Thank you for the reply , it is the guilt factor more than any thing which i feel i need to over come , and i am ready to feel confident and happy again . thanks for the reply , it makes things a little easier hearing other peoples positive views . thank you x

You know people spend big money on many different things in life.   But when it comes to a mom spending a little on herself to feel better we generally don't do it.  The guilt kicks in and nerves take over.  You are worth it!!

The house mortgage is something you will have to figure out with the hubby.  If you can afford it and are able to swing it then why not.  If he is on board and you are mentally and physically ready then go for it. 

Feeling good about yourself changes many aspects in your life. 

That's a hard one, and a question only YOU can answer. i can tell you're struggling with the guilt. Having a confident, happy mommy might do more for the kids than a trip to Disneyland. Long term anyway. You could think of it that way. You only get one body in this life it wouldn't it be nice if you could be proud of it?

hi thanks for the feed back , that is another way of looking at things as i must say my confidence is certainly not what it used to be , and if i did feel better about myself it would have a positive impact on the rest of the family . thank you for taking the time to reply with your comments . carla x
A Happy mother = Happy Home and one thing you must remember it always feel good to feel" CONFIDENT" in all arears of you & your body. Your never wrong for wanting to make yourself 100% happy .When you talk to your husband I think yall will both be happy in whatever decisions yall make .I hope I helped you in any way stay positive.