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Tummy Tuck Live Chat Room **Tonight from 7-8 pm (PST)**

Kimmers25 will host a live chat on the following dates and times this week:

Tummy Tuck Live Chat Room.
We will post hours each Sunday for the upcoming week.  Pacific Time

****More times to be posted soon*****

See below for previous chat conversations. Join us tonight at 7 pm (PST)!

kimmers25 - Good evening ladies:)
janebb - Hi
kimmers25 - hello
janebb - My first time, I am looking for people in the Palm Springs, Palm Desert area
kimmers25 - So what would you like to chat about tonight? Have you had your procedure yet?
janebb - no trying to make a final decision as to which doctor
janebb - do I need an overnight facility or not?
kimmers25 - that is the most important step in this entire process.
janebb - and a difficult one
kimmers25 - yes very difficult:) Not all doctors use the over night facillities.
kimmers25 - I prefer to be in my own home after surgery.
cwgrlup - Hello ladies
kimmers25 - keep going for consults until you find the doctor you click with most.
kimmers25 - Hi cwgrlup
janebb - I have found 2, i visited 4 and it is down to those two
janebb - Hi
kimmers25 - that is good! call me crazy but I went to 9..LOL
janebb - I did a lot of online first, when was yours?
janebb - I saw the one from Kennewick..scary
kimmers25 - i had my br in january of 2009 and the tt and lipo in April of 2010
janebb - i what State
kimmers25 - try to focus on the good or you will make yourself crazy. I am in Wisconsin
cwgrlup - I have my pro op tomorrow so excited
cwgrlup - thats pre op
janebb - Ok,,s when you say click do you mean personality with good creditenials or just credentials
kimmers25 - hurray! that means you are so close now..
kimmers25 - both credentials and personally. You have to like them as well and feel totally comfortable
cwgrlup - yes 2 weeks from tomorrow
janebb - Way to go...cwgrlup, where are you located?
cwgrlup - Nebraska
kimmers25 - yes we are in the cold states..LOL snowing here right now.
janebb - Cool..So kimmers, tt + lip and cwrrlup ?
kimmers25 - i also had a br
cwgrlup - Oh wow we were suppose to get some but our neck of the woods stayed clear but it is cold
janebb - Sorry about the snow... whats a br?
kimmers25 - breast reduction and lift
cwgrlup - I had br in 2006
cwgrlup - and now tt and lipo
cwgrlup - on the 17th
kimmers25 - i love all of my results
janebb - Thats good to hear, some docs said only tt and did not want to do lipo
janebb - How are old are you girls?
cwgrlup - will be 40 11-11-11
kimmers25 - my doc would not do the lipo on the torso area but he did do the hips, thighs and booty
kimmers25 - i am 47
janebb - You are good to do this as it is difficult standing naked in front of young men with it all out :>)
kimmers25 - wow..11-11-11 nice!
janebb - the torsi being the upper belly
cwgrlup - ya kinda cool huh
kimmers25 - i wanted this years ago.yes upper belly
janebb - Happy B Day!!!!
cwgrlup - thanks
kimmers25 - yes happy birthday!
janebb - I should have been dieting for years i,m 56
kimmers25 - yeah having things hang out is no fun
janebb - and I mean years....
kimmers25 - 56 is young..thats the new 40
cwgrlup - still young
janebb - Did you hear that cwgrlup, that make you 23
kimmers25 - we are only as old as we feel. I plan on being 95 and hell on heels
cwgrlup - I debated when I had my br to have this done.
cwgrlup - sweet lou
janebb - In the desrert that would be hell on a golf cart
kimmers25 - i am glad i did mine separately
kimmers25 - LOL yes it would
cwgrlup - I am glad I didn't do then. I still had so much to learn about food
janebb - So is the fellowship of dcotors important or board certification
kimmers25 - me too..once I had that down i was ready to remove the double muffin top.
janebb - Also how long were you under
kimmers25 - make sure they are board certified. I was under 3.5 hours for the BR and 4 for the tt and lipo
kimmers25 - i did not have any problems with any of the anesthesia.
cwgrlup - that is one of my questions for tomorrow.
cwgrlup - how long the procedure will take no rushing please
janebb - muffin top, did you do a mini or a full...
kimmers25 - they gave me versed and zantac before surgery so I had no sick tummy or anxiety
janebb - One doctor estimated 3 another 5
kimmers25 - I did a full with muscle repair. You can see my pics on the site.
cwgrlup - I got sick after br. but thats the only surgery that has ever happened
janebb - how do i know which is you?
kimmers25 - exactly no rushing...
kimmers25 - i guess that would help. go under tt community and sort by "Comments" I am kimmers25
janebb - The rating system on real self is a little confusing as one person can mess up a good rating, is it
kimmers25 - they say getting sick after a br is common
janebb - is it controlled by people who have only had surgery or can any one comment
kimmers25 - I will pass that message along about the rating system. we appreciate the feedback
cwgrlup - I have some hipnoses tracks on ipod for weight loss wonder if they will let me wear them and listen
kimmers25 - they will probably let you wear those.
janebb - Another question is the garment normally included in the cost.
kimmers25 - if you have a review created you can rate your doctor. you do need the review though
cwgrlup - don't know if I will hear the message while under/
kimmers25 - some do include it and others make you buy it separately. each doc is different
cwgrlup - mine are included
janebb - Is it washable...a month is along time..
kimmers25 - I never wore one..my doc was wonderful and did not push it. so of course i didnt
janebb - Is there a way to read the individual reviews from each individual
kimmers25 - yes you can wash them by hand so make sure to have a couple of them
kimmers25 - yes you can. go into a specific profile and you can read everything
kimmers25 - http://www.realself.com/review/madison-wi-full-tummy-tuck-lipo-excellent-results link to my review
janebb - I tried but could only get 1.5 reviews when they said there were 8
cwgrlup - oh my goodness we found a kitten in the barn and had to bring it in the house just a little thing
kimmers25 - so you went under the tt community and then the reviews tab?
kimmers25 - oh how cute..i love kitties
janebb - just looked at your pictures....hottie now
cwgrlup - my hubby is so funny he is worse than me sometimes when it comes to pets
kimmers25 - its been a long road...
kimmers25 - I have a lab rescue and bring dogs home all the time..
cwgrlup - aw sweet
cwgrlup - I have 8 dogs 7 horses and many kitties
kimmers25 - Ok you have me beat...LOL
cwgrlup - we just sold 3 horses this last summer
cwgrlup - 5 of the gogs are in the house all liitle guys
kimmers25 - you will have to share your supplies list with janebb
cwgrlup - can do
janebb - I have a cute dog but I like kitties and horses , all animals actually including men :>)
cwgrlup - lol
kimmers25 - LOL...seaking of animals I posted a very funny picture tonight on my FB page.
janebb - I dont rememeber how I found the review, there are several sights. One of the Doctors has not heard
janebb - of real self..that was unsettling since I found you on the Plastic surgery .com site
cwgrlup - I added slip on shoes/slippers. kinda chilllly for flip flops
kimmers25 - you found realself on the plastic surgery site?
janebb - cwrrlup you sound like you have a suportive husband
janebb - yes, recommended it
cwgrlup - forgot to get the decaf coffee so thats on the list for tomorrow
janebb - said it was the largest input
kimmers25 - i am so happy you found us:)
janebb - forget the decaf, you do not have to wake up in the morning just to go back to sleep
cwgrlup - he is great. he even said he is trying to figure out what to get me for my b-day.
cwgrlup - TRUE
cwgrlup - silly man thought thats what this was
kimmers25 - have you created your review yet?
cwgrlup - I messed up my doctors name on my review
kimmers25 - I can fix that for you..
cwgrlup - sweet would love for him to get a good rating
kimmers25 - shoot me an email with the information and I will fix
cwgrlup - k
janebb - tell him you want a future vacation...that you can enjoy in a swimsuit
janebb - Good luck cwgrlup....im going to read reviews now...thanks kimmers will be in touch on the next live
janebb - chat
kimmers25 - wonderful! read up and let me know if you have any questions.
cwgrlup - thats would be nice
cwgrlup - sounds good janeeb
cwgrlup - Yes I think I better get to bed tomorrow is gonna be here early have to be in omhaha at 10 so will
cwgrlup - leave home about 7:45
kimmers25 - sounds good..we will be live again tomorrow night
kimmers25 - get some sleep
cwgrlup - will do you to till tomorrow
kimmers25 - sleep well:)
kimmers25 - Good evening ladies
kimmers25 - Hello Ladies! Welcome to the tummy tuck chat. Hope you will join in!
kimmers25 - How is struggling with the "Swell Hell" right now?
sboro690 - hello there - been checking the list of things to get for after tt surgery. your all very helpful
kimmers25 - I am glad everyone has been helpful for you.
kimmers25 - There are so many things to buy:)
sboro690 - i have been pretty nervous but today i have found some inner peace. hope it lasts 5 more days
kimmers25 - You can do it!
kimmers25 - The fear is all normal at this point but will pass.
sboro690 - thanks
kimmers25 - everyone on the site will help you through and cheer you on.
sboro690 - thats great and hopefully i can help the next person too
kimmers25 - That would be wonderful! There is nothing better than talking to the people who have been there
kimmers25 - are you renting a hospital bed for your recovery?
sboro690 - i agree - i know its been a god send for me
kimmers25 - how did you find realself?
sboro690 - no - i have a very comfy recliner and a large bed that can be adjusted for firmness so i think i'll
sboro690 - be ok
kimmers25 - that will work very well
sboro690 - i heard about realself by searching tt info on line - and now i check in daily for updates
kimmers25 - Nice! glad you found us.
sboro690 - me too - thanks for chatting - getting ready to go out tonite - sat church and dinner w/hubby &
sboro690 - friends
kimmers25 - chat is a new item we are trying on the site. do you find this helpful?
kimmers25 - have fun tonight:)
sboro690 - i feel like i need to get it all in since next weekend i'll be stuck in the house
sboro690 - you too
kimmers25 - Hello Ladies! Let's talk..what's on your mind today? Swelling, nervous about upcoming surgery?
kimmers25 - Come on ladies...I know you like to chat...
devon - I went for my first consultation yesterday. Usually how many ps do you see before deciding on who
devon - to use
kimmers25 - I woudl see a minimum of 3
kimmers25 - you will just know it when you have found the right one.
devon - i must say that i am excited to remove some of this fat..
kimmers25 - lol..I hear you there. you will feel amazing when it's gone
kimmers25 - make sure to check each ps credentials and photos
devon - i know. i have always been heavy and over the last year and a half I have went from a 14 to 6.
devon - to much skin!!!
kimmers25 - congratulations on the weight loss. thats amazing
devon - I did see photos and has 37 years exp as surgeon
kimmers25 - still go to see a couple more..
devon - i am thankful for this site cause it gave me the nerve to call a ps
kimmers25 - have you searched on the realself doctors?
kimmers25 - this site is wonderful and you will find endless support
devon - yes that is where i found the ps i saw yesterday. i have another appt in two weeks with another ps
kimmers25 - perfect! we have awesome doctors on the site.
kimmers25 - did you have a ton of questions lined up for the surgeon yesterday
devon - i will search for another one to see.
kimmers25 - take your time because this is the most important step of the process.
devon - i had basic questions that he answered even before i had a chance to ask
kimmers25 - thats a good doc!
devon - i am going to search the site for a list of questions that i should ask
kimmers25 - have you created your own review yet?
devon - no should i?
kimmers25 - yes that would be wonderful! let me send you a link to start your review...stand by.
devon - i will do it today..
kimmers25 - go to the tummy tuck community under reviews and you will see the tab to write your review.
devon - thanks a lot..
kimmers25 - If you have any questions just let me know and I am happy to help. you can privately email me

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agggggghhh....my surgery is Wednesday morning...starting to freak out a little. Worried about how I am going to sleep and if I will be puking afterward!!!
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Oh you are going to be ok.   We all go through these pre surgery jitters, but they will pass.   What all are you having done?
Full TT plus hernia repair. I had my breasts enlarged 5 yrs ago. I can't wait for the final result but so stressed about the in-between! LOL My surgery is tomorrow morning at 7:30. I actually am spending the night in the hospital which I feel really good about. :)
I am thinking about you this morning:)   Please check back in with us.
Hey all.dreaming of tucking tuck one day and like hearing all the stories
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We look forward to having you in the community with us!  You will have entire army of support when you are going through the process.
Hey really want a tummy tuck!! Need a very good doc and reasonable!! Who do you guys recommend here in Memphis Tenn?
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Hello floks, good morning, I Hope are well.. just want to notice we have a recovery house in tijuana mexico actually we work whith Doctor Asosiation, we are clouse to the most plastic surgeon and the border international thanks
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