tummy tuck with lipo versus tummy tuck alone

  • tiffany1983
  • hot springs, Arkansas
  • 3 years ago

my doctor said that i didnt need lipo because i had a waist line. I am getting my TT on March 17th. I just wanted to know what the results would look like without the lipo with the TT. Anybody have the same problem?

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Ok good I feel better now.
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Ok good I feel better now.
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That's perfectly normal. I am at 6 weeks, and 2 weeks ago, I couldn't even walk down my driveway (about 650 ft) without getting worn out.
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I am on day 4 and it is so much easier than yesterday. Yesterday was the most horrible day so far. I woke up throwing up and felt like i tore all of my muscles. It was horrible. I am doing so much better today. Is it normal to tire easily. It seems like i can get up and walk around for only about 5 minutes till i get really weak and have to sit down.
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Tiffany, deep breath, relax, and go lie down.

Take the max meds you're allowed, and keep taking them even if you think you feel better.

You shouldn't even see your incision. Isn't it covered with steri-strips? Swelling will occur for a long time. Put your binder on and rest, rest, rest.

You may feel up to going to the shower, but I'd be surprised. You will still be weak and tire easily, and hurt if you sit upright too long.
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I had my surgery at 8:30 this morning! I am hurting really bad even with the crappy meds they gave me. My incision is so swollen that it looks like it is trying to overlap itself. Is that normal? How long before I can actually get some relief from this? I have a baby shower that i have to attend in 9 days. I hope to be a little better so I can go.
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And, don't forget, you won't be eating solid food, so shouldn't get constipated right away.
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No, don't do that - they don't want you crapping on the operating table!! :D

They want you to start taking it after - wait for the next day, and you won't have had time to get constipated.

That said, if you take enough, or too much, you may end up having to rush to the biffy. That can be a major problem, too soon after surgery. I couldn't get out of the chair or walk to the bathroom without hubby's help for the first couple of days.

So, don't rush it.
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Thank you Country Gal. I will definitly eat lightly. I was going to take a stool softner before i got to surgery that morning. I will do anything to make it easier on me lol
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Eat lightly at least the day before. Stock up on fresh fruit and veggies, not juice.

Do you have some Milk of Magnesia? It's good for both gas and constipation, using different quantities.

You'll be eating lightly, preferably a liquid diet for at least 1 day post op. I went for a couple or 3 days without eating solid food.

My biggest problem getting gas or heartburn was due to drinking and eating while lying back in my recliner.
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Has anyone stocked up on protein shakes for the first few days after surgery? Was just wondering if that might be a healthy option along with fresh fruit and veggies.
I have my surgery next Thursday on the 17th and I am getting a little nervous now. Do you guys have any advice on what I should do as far as the day before surgery so I dont get so much gas in my body? I hate that feeling the few days after surgery. Should I eat something greasy or maybe fast a few days prior?
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Oh, BTW, I measured my waist today (day 12) and it is 28 1/2...that's 1/2 inch less than pre-op!!
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I'm guessing it's 12 inches from top to bottom. They have that option and also a 9 inch option which sounds short. Measure your garment from the boob end to the crotch end...how long is it?
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Tiffany, I think Spanx would be simply AWFUL to start with. There is NO way you would be able to comfortably squeeze into it. I'm nearly 3 weeks, and not sure I'd survive it.

I am going to look for some sort of girdle or something that does up in front - hopefully with adjustments available - like 2 or 3 sets of hooks to choose from, like a bra, or with velcro.

Maja, where are you measuring the 12"? I don't know about different sizes, but you can move the binder up and down. It does tend to ride up though, as you sit and move.
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I am so happy for the both of you. I cannot wait to get this out of the way. I am just scared now about not getting a binder. I am not sure why he doesnt give them out. I sure dont want to have to go back in for another surgery. I just want to have a sexy thin waist like I did before I had my children. Maybe I should go and find a spanx that will cover all those areas that need to be covered so I dont get a pouch.
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My PS gave me a binder with 3 adjustable straps. I think it's good, because you can tighten different areas more or less.

It is just below my boobs, but not far enough down that I will get pouchy between it and my bra. Their concern is that a ridge of skin will form, if you let the skin pouch there.

Consequently, it doesn't cover my hips, and I do get swelling below it - around my incision and in the pubic area. But, it's pretty comfortable.

oooh, did I mention? I have a waistline! I am so thrilled about that! I have lost 3.5 inches around my now-hourglass waistline! woo hoo!
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I am totally jazzed about my waistline too. Weird thing is my measurement is 1/2 in bigger than pre-op, but my shape is so pretty I LOOK super thin and gorgeous! Thanks for the info about your binder...do you think if I got the longest one (12 inches) it would be better for the lower area? Or can you sort of place the binder lower on your torso to put pressure where you need it?
I currently have two styles of garment: One is a girdle style that zips up both sides and goes almost up to my breasts (it was provided by my PS), and the second goes from below breast and hooks at crotch, with one side zipper. Neither is proving to be comfortable for me, especially now in week two post-op when I have to add a foam pad layer in front to increase compression. The zippers tend to form waves and make pressure points that are killing me.

I am thinking of ordering a basic binder...any suggestions about whether to get one with multiple adjustable bands or the ones that close with one continuous band of velcro? I will def get one of the longer ones to bind all the way down to my incision.

But to Tiffany1983, my PS feels that the compression garment (a medical one, not spanks) is critical to prevent forming a seroma (a pocket of fluid which can be very unsightly, needing needle draining, and can be super hard to get rid of). I have to wear it 24/7 for at least another 2 weeks.
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I wanted liposuction but my PS told me I just needed a TT. I want to get a spanx because everyone says that will help me with the swelling. I want to try and lose as much swelling as I possibly can before summer gets here. I also have some stretch marks above the belly button but the PS told me they will be put down where my cut will be. At least it will be somewhat hidden.
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I have a binder that goes from just under my bra, to my hips. I wish it covered the hips, but I think I will get something that does, later.

I wear it all the time, and hubby just adjusts it for me once during the day, and again at bedtime.

I had the TT with muscle tightening, and lipo on flanks and back fat.

I now have a waistline, and even over my binder (which has 3 wide bands), my waist is 1.5 inches smaller than before. Woo Hoo!!

The PS did mention that the stretch marks I still have are now 'outies', instead of 'innies', but hey, they are low down, and I don't give a darn.

I don't know yet how much diff. he made with the back fat. He said he'd only remove max. 60%, as otherwise, I'd have loose skin. An improvement, but he couldn't do more without cutting.

My hips are still swollen, so not sure of the diff. there. I'll measure after my 4 week checkup, and when I'm not in the binder.

Good luck to you!
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All the best to u. Yes I do have a binder. The doctor gave it to me on the first follow-up on the 5th post- op day. I wear it during the day but I dont find it comfortable in the night so dont wear it then. even during the day sometimes in the afternoon if it feels too tight, I take it off or make it a little loose. My drain is bothering me too much; I cant wait till it comes out.
Have to wait till monday to see if can be removed.
The doctor also said that after the drain is removed and i dont like the binder then i could wear a spanx kind of garment.
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I have an hour glass figure but it is mainly the pouch and sagging skin in the lower abdomen area. Thats probably why the PS said I didnt need the lipo. I have my surgery one month from today and I am getting so so excited. Do you both have a compression garment. My PS told me that he doesnt give those out because he doesnt want it to irritate the incision.
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Tiffany, i have not really taken any pictures,but the ps office did take pre op pictures which i havent seen !
I am 5'2"and a petite size 6/8, so may be my stomach was small, but I did have the pouch and loose skin. Have 2 teenaged kids!
The post op recovery is going ok
so far. I am mainly having plain tylenol ,if any during the day.In the night i some times have half of the codiene tylenol or just plain tylenol depending on how i am feeling. drain 1 was removed on day 13 and they will be be removing the 2 nd drain either tomorrow or monday.
The drains are the most bothersome thing for me.
I was feeling quite good by day 10.
So I walked outside for 15 minutes.
Had also gone outwith my family earlier, but then the next day i felt more swollen and so have to take it a little easy on everthing.
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thank you for commenting on this. did u have somewhat of a smaller stomach before. How has the healing process been for you. Will u be posting before and after pictures.
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