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Tummy Tuck with Lipo in 3 days...

  • Bwelch
  • 2 years ago

I am not sure if i am having extreme anxiety or what but for 1 week I have had a massive headache with little relief (mainly because i cannot take any meds but tylenol adn it does not work on this headache).  I still cannot beleive that this day is actually about to arrive.  I have thought about this for 5 years. I have done every peice of reseach possible. I feel confident in my decision and with my doctor.  I think what is bothering me is the recovery.  I am having a mini tuckwith muscle repair and no belly button replacement. Lipo to sides/flanks and bra line along with upper ab and my 'area'.  Day in and day out since i made my appointment, i have looked on line at the countless photos, posts, videos trying to find the woman with the exact shape as me.  I find it but then i cannot beleive it, so i keep looking.  What is it that i am looking for???  I still cannot imagine that i will be without my stomach.  I ahve had this stomach for 10 years. This does not seem real to me. I cannot beleive thay my husband is being 100% supportive. I thought he would have somethign to say about it and not want me to do this but he was more into it than i was. It is a huge comfort and relief to know that he is by my side. My daughter is super excited too.  I feel so lucky to have them take this ride with me.  I feel I am 100% prepared.  I will post pics after surgery. So, i have not heard anythign about the urine cathetor. my surgery will be about 5 hours long.  I forgot to ask the surgeon this.. is this placed while you are under?  This is worrying me!