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Laser or tummy tuck for minimal skin tightening?

  • nikkib
  • Austin, TX
  • 4 years ago

I just turned 23 and had a baby for the first time 5 weeks ago. i am 5'2 and was 103 pounds before pregnancy. My stomach was all baby, not really any fat. My body has been deflating everyday since birth, and I have been dieting and just started exercising. I have a small pooch on my lower stomach still that I am hoping will go away with diet, exercise, and time. the skin seems a little loose but definitely isn't "hanging" and I have no stretch marks. Should I consider a tummy tuck or laser tightening in the future?

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The after effects of having a baby can last for months. Some of the effects are irreversible without surgery, but many are not. I would give your body more time to heal from the trauma of giving birth before worrying too much about tummy tucks. Also, for best results, do not consider a tummy tuck until you are done having children.