Tummy Tuck Healing Setbacks

  • SuburbanMomTX
  • Houston, TX
  • 1 year ago

I am starting this forum because I truly am curious whether other women are experiencing the same setbacks that I am in my TT recovery. 1. Week 5: a suture refused to spit or dissolve, so it caused an under the skin fluid build up and infection called cellulits. I had to be poke with a needle and have the infected fluid pushed out. It was VERY painful! 2. From Week 5 to 8: I was having to pack and guze the hole that was left from the needle because as time went on it got bigger and bigger. 3. Week 7: Another little bubble of fluid appeared and it created a hole that also had to be packed and gauzed for about 3 weeks. 4. Week 10 or 11: I got alot of fluid and hard spots in my upper abdomen. Made me very sore. 5. Week 12: I woke up one morning and there was a little bubble of fluid around my belly button. Then out of nowhere, my belly button started spewing fluid everywhere. It was so gross. But my PS says that that was bc of a suture spit and that it was a good thing bc my body found a way to get rid of all of the fluid, that was more than likely a seroma.   Just wondering what all you have experienced with your TT healing. Please share

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How long did you have your drains in? I am told if they are removed too soon - these problems will happen. I am two weeks post op today and still have drains. Hope to get them out tomorrow. Best of luck to your healing.

Oh man, I'm sorry you're going through this! I hope some other ladies can commiserate or give you their personal feedback. Here's what some other ladies have to say about seromas after tummy tucks.