Tummy Tuck (Front Incision) vs. Lower Body Lift (Incision All the Way Around)

  • numbersguy
  • 1 year ago

Hello everyone, This is my first post here, and I appreciate any advice.  First off, I am a male (Age 28) and I have lost a lot of weight the old fashioned way.  I weighed 320lbs in college and an now at my lowest point ever at approximately 200lbs.  I decided to undergo a tummy tuck on 2/6 to remove the loose skin and tighten up the muscles in my abdominal region.  I hadn't considered a lower body lift (incision all the way around) until my surgeon said that she believes it will produce better results.  I am already freaking out about the recovery process and the large scar, etc.  I know that I can remove some skin from my back area too and remove any love handles, but the thought of the scar all the way around my body along with the additional two drains, excess recovery, etc. may be too much for me to deal with.  My surgeon thinks it will look "cleaner", whatever that means, and my clothes will fit better, and I will be happier with the results.  I don't want to mark up my body any more than I have to.  Has anyone else foregone the incision all the way around the body in favor of the typical front-only procedure (or vice versa, went for the full incision)?  How do you feel about your decision?  Thanks very much in advance for any advice, this process is taking a toll on me...

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I had a traditional tummy tuck since my weight gain and loss was strictly pregnancy related, but in your case, it sounds like the lower body lift may be the way to go. Once you have healed, the scar will fade to a silvery white and you will not notice it much at all (I had C sections and my youngest is eight yrs old...even though my sections were done by inexperienced medical residents, my scar was practically invisible after a few years). A tummy tuck hurts like crazy, so I can't comment on how much more of a hassle additional procedures and drains would add to the misery...but you will be on strong painkillers and I would just go for what the surgeon says would give the best result. Finally, congrats on your weight loss! I bet you look and feel fantastic! Having the skin tucked and removed will be worth it in the long run.