Tummy tuck no drains - anyone else?

  • Jjcrackers
  • 2 years ago

I had a tummy tuck without lipo 6 days ago. My PS allowed me to leave hospital without drains. I wish I'd asked him why at the time but he is supposed to be one of the best PS in London so I guess I kinda trusted him. Day 6 and I am swollen like a Michellin man. Do you think he should have left the drains in? 

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Thanks for the feedback and great advice. Finally got to see my consultant and it turns out it is a huge haematoma. Not ideal
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I had my tt and lipo with no drains I had drain holes all over and drained very well in my pads I also had swell hell and still do I found if you drink lots of water (80 oz.aday) it helps no drains means less chance of infection and is one of the latest technics
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I had 1 drain and thought that 2 was the norm. I had it out on day 5 and swelled up to the point I was sure I was going to blow a stitch! I couldn't imagine not at least having 1 drain.
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Swelling at 6 days post op is completely normal.  This is all part of the healing process and takes time to settle down.  

I am including a link to questions and answers to the Swelling Topics.  I think you will find this extremely helpful.

The best I can say is to hang in there and know it will improve with time.   

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