Tummy Tuck did NOT hurt

  • Joy904
  • Florida
  • 1 year ago

Ok ladies, I am 7 days post op and I must say that my tummy tuck did not hurt at all!  BUT everything else did! Lol My neck and back hurt from sleeping in a recliner for a week, I woke up crying from gas pains in my stomach because I could not pass gas, I think I may have a yeast infection from the antibiotics, I was constipated and in tears when I finally had to "go". The binder kept bunching up and pinching me on my sides and under my breasts. Then let's not forget the nausea from the Percocet! i got my drain removed today and am able to stand up straight, it did not hurt at all. So for me the actual procedure was painless but the other problems that came with it made me so miserable. with all that being said, " my tummy looks great and I am very happy, can't wait to wear my 2 price this summer!!!!

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Wow, I can't wait to get a TT.
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Maybe your stomach was just still numb? I will say I couldn't feel my incision till three weeks post op. Until that it was the muscle repair that was painful.
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Thanks for the advice - yay for you :) Sounds like you are doing great!
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