Tummy Tuck Cancel

  • IslandCoco
  • Illinois
  • 1 year ago

Hi Real self lady's just became a member two week's ago. I was scheduled for a Tummy tuck with lipo/flanks on February 13, 2013 but I had to cancel it a week ago. I just found out by my gyn dr I may have to have a Partial hysterectomy so I had to Cancel my procedure with Dr. Ross but thank God I did Because I've been doing some research on real self and they really educated me. I Heard some bad review on him I should not have put down $500 deposit and now they would not give me back the money to me I called them and explained to them that I have to have a hysterectomy done and they told me my money is nonrefundable and I cAn have the tummy tuck when am better but I Do not want to use his Service anymore. Any Advice!