Tummy tuck, breast reductiuon and depression/anxiety

  • Brina1234
  • Dallas
  • 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I had a TT and reduction Thursday Feb 3. In general am doing great. Only taking tylenol periodically for pain. I keep reading about all the anxiety and depression that people have after. (me included) I want to expand on that a bit. Please tell me your experiences

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Hi everyone. I just had reduction on monday 6/11/12. I was a 36DD (full). I had chronic neck and back pain for years. I couldn't take it anymore and finally did it. I think I am a full C or small D (hopefully). I am 5 1/2 and weigh 160. I have to honestly say that right now I am in shock and depressed. I hope this feeling goes away. I am trying to remember why I did this and my back does feel better already. But I am in that ugly surgical bra that smashes you and everything I try on looks terrible. I keep crying and I feel devestated. I hope this is all part of the healing process. Has anyone experianced this?
Let me correct my height. It is 5'5" 1/2.
Honestly I didn't experience anxiety or depression I was mostly pissed about not being able to get around at lightening speed like I normally do and frustrated that I needed help with some basic things that first week. I also hated being foggy from pain meds and kicked them as soon as I could. Luckily I'm a fast healer and was back to my work pretty fast.

Plus, seeing my fab flat tummy made it all worth while.

What a great thread idea! I hope some women will chime on on their emotional issues post-op.